3 Blog Posts about Video Project #2 [Week3]

Blooper scenes..

I forgot to let Id card on sof and missed the timing to be surprised at the bicycle crash scene.

Lim Hyo Joon(Clay) couldn’t catch the flying papers.. As a srcipt, he should have catched.

Because he was not good at catching, at that time, I had a suspicion “Does he really play baseball, infielder?”

The pitcher was Jisu, Park. Poor throwing..haha!

This wil be the last post in this blog.

Thanks to EWM class, I could learn how to make a blog and edit short video clips.

A little bit of enhancement of English, too. Because this is “English Writing with Multimedia Class!”

Making my own story through this blog,  I could look back my school life in this semester.

Thanks a lot to everyone 🙂


3 Blog Posts about Video Project #2 [Week 2]

Because English is not first language to both actors, it was pretty hard to memorize the script and acting, being aware of pronounciation. Thanks to our director Jisu Park with English fluency, both actors could adjust wrong pronounciation.

Even though these scences are quite short, it took about 2hours to take shots. Lots of failure…

Express my respects to every gruop members! Thanks a lot!

3 Blog Posts about Video Project #2 [Week 1]

These are running scenes. To make shots, I had to run over and over again.

The hardest things during taking shots were keeping track of my movement and crowds in subway station.

We were concerned about waving camera due to running scene.

When holding a camera, all eyes concentrating on my acting in subway made me nervous, which caused a lot of No Good Scenes.

Last day of 2015 Hanyang University Spring Festival

Performance of Girls Day was good

and I loved mad reactions of HYU crowds haha!!


2015 Hanyang English Film Festival 

I went in for 2015 Hanyang English Film Festival.

Even though I failed to pass preliminary round,

it was a good experience enhancing my English speaking and taking a videos.

And also it was good time to make new friends!        

Found lost wallet

Finally I found my lost wallet

thanks to THE POLICE!

It took 15days to be brought to me.

Of course without cash inside.. 5,000 WON

KBS Yoo’s Sketchbook

Invited to kbs, Korean Broadcasting System, and watched TV music show, Yoo’s Sketchbook.


Taked 3 hours long, a little bit of tiredness,


but it was very priceless memory to me.